Waste Types


    If you’ve got general waste for disposal after a spring clean we’ve got a light waste bin for you.

    A General Waste bin has a weight limit of 150kgs per cubic meter, suitable for most light domestic or commercial waste; it can also contain light green waste.

    You can place these things in the bin:

    • Household waste like cloths, toys, cardboard, paper, kitchen ware etc…
    • Furniture and appliances like cupboards, lounges, fridges and washing machines etc…
    • Light Commercial waste like office furniture, stationary, etc…
    • Light green waste like shrubs, grass clippings twigs etc…

    Things to remember:

    1. No food, liquid, paints & oil waste is permissible in any bins
    2. Mattresses & tyres incur extra fees
    3. Overloaded bin fees may applied if filled above water level


    If you have combination household and builders rubbish and/or green waste to dispose of, we’ve got a range of skip bins available for a flat fee.  There are strict rules and regulations about the disposal of different kinds of waste so we need you to be careful about what you put in your hire skip.

    A Mixed Heavy/Building Waste bin has no weight limit and charged at a flat rate. Suitable for domestic and commercial waste; this skip bin is used for hard heavy materials such as concrete, re-enforced concrete, brick, tiles, gravel, stone, treated timber. Timber, large tree trunks, plastics, demolition and renovations. Examples of what can be placed in this waste type is listed below:

    You can place these things in the bin:

    • Waste from domestic or commercial demolition, construction, renovation e.g. gyprock, minimal glass etc…
    • Hardfill Waste e.g. Bricks, tiles concrete (pieces no larger than 600 x 600)
    • Waste from household clean-ups…
    • Furniture and appliances like cupboards, lounges, fridges and washing machines etc…
    • Tree trunks smaller than 300mm in diameter and under 500mm long, roots, plants, palm trees fronds and green waste etc…
    • Timber Logs under 300mm in diameter and under 500mm long…
    • Metal/Steel.

    Auss Bin Hire has a range of skip types and sizes for hire for excavation/clean soil disposal.  They are available for a flat rate for the specific disposal of excavation/clean waste.

    We want you to dispose of waste safely and responsibly so when disposing of excavation/clean soil waste, only place these items in your skip:

    You can place these things in the bin:

    • Concrete, Bricks, Rock, Ceramic Tiles
    • Naturally occurring soil/dirt, sand, rock, sandstone and clay
    • Less than 10% turf and vegetation
  • 4. SOIL/DIRT

    Although it may sound pretty straight forward, when it comes to soil and dirt rubbish removal, it is important to know that when you rent a skip for this waste, it must not contain any contaminants or other forms of waste, it is purely only soil and dirt, free from pollutants or other rubbish.


    Green waste is composed of waste that is biodegradable, which means it is capable of being decomposed by the action of biological agents, especially bacteria. For Auss Bin Hire that means green waste is typically from garden waste, such as lawn clippings, flowers, leaves and twigs, grass, tree trimmings, small branches, weeds, bark etc.