Frequently Asked Questions

What size bins does Auss Bin Hire provide?

Auss Bin Hire provides SKIP BINS with sizes 2, 3,4,6,8,10 and 12 Cubic Meters.

What type of bins does Auss Bin Hire provide?

Auss Bin Hire provides SKIP BINS with for domestic and commercial purposes in Metropolitan Melbourne area. We deliver and pick up most bins within 24 hours of the request.
We do not provide Hook Bins at this stage but will start them as soon as we have a reliable supplier.

What size Skip Bin do I need?

You need to estimate your waste in Cubic Meters. One Cubic Meter is 1 Meter length x 1 Meter Width x 1 Meter Height. Our Most famous skip bins for household hire is 4 Cubic Meters.
A good estimate of 1 Cubic Meters a trailer load of 6 Meter by 4 Meter is 0.7 Cubic Meters.

What can I put into skip bins?

We have kept things simple by dividing the waste into only two types
Light Household Waste and Mixed Heavy Waste
You can put following items in light Household Waste Bin.
Household or Office Furniture
General household or Office Goods.
Clothing, Paper, toys or household electrical Goods.
Tree branches less than 30 cm in Size.
Garden waste
Items You MUST not put in Light Household Skip Bin
Paints, Chemicals, Asbestos, Concrete, Soil, Tiles, Bricks, Bigger than 30 cm tree trunks, Food Waste or aerosols.
Mattresses, Tyre’s, Paint Tins, Batteries will incur extra surcharge as they need to be disposed of separately due to environment reasons.

How Long Can I keep the Skip Bin.

Typical hire period is 4 days but extended Hire can easily be accommodated with extra surcharge.

How Can I pay?

You can pay cash to the driver at the time of delivery or you can pay via credit or debit card via our secured EFTPos terminal which is Australia most secured way and invoice will sent accordingly.

How long will it take for Bin to arrive after booking?

We try to arrange delivery on same day if booked before 10:30 AM otherwise next day delivery will be provided.

How do I book a bin?

You can call 0413 514 786 and one of our friendly staff with be able to assist you with a booking. Our office hours are Monday to Sunday 6.00am to 6.00pm. Alternatively, you can send an enquiry via our contact us page and we will contact you within 48 hours to finalise your booking.

Will I need a council permit?

Generally, if a bin is placed on council property (on the nature strip or on the road) we are required to obtain a permit. We are accredited with all of the councils within our service area and we arrange the permit on your behalf as part of your booking. Permit costs vary depending on the council, placement of the bin and the length of time the permit is required. Alternatively, you can contact our office on 0413 514 786 for further details.

To what level can I fill the bin?

The bin must only be filled to the top so that it is level with the side of the bin. Due to occupational health and safety, waste cannot exceed the height of the bin. If your bin is overloaded, you may be required to offload it before it can be removed from site. Please note an overloading fee of up to $100 may apply.

What waste is not accepted?

We do not accept asbestos, tins of liquid paint, gas bottles, tree stumps, liquids, oils, food scraps or chemical waste in solid, liquid or powder form including garden and household chemicals.