Refunds Policy

At Auss Skip Bins a database of suppliers, we believe it is our utmost responsibility to serve all of our customers the competitive pricing and best quality service possible. At Auss Skip Bins, we are obliged and committed to maintain quality servicing standards are followed throughout the entire booking process from finding the quote to booking and to after sale services.

Full refunds guaranteed (excluding associated booking fee)

All customers are entitled to a full refund (excluding the associated booking fee) if orders are cancelled no less than 3 business days (72 hours) prior to scheduled delivery.

In order to cancel your order, please contact Auss Skip Bins on 1300-671-786 or email us at

In the unlikely event that a skip bin isn’t delivered, you will be entitled to a full refund excluding the associated booking fee.

Please be advised preferred delivery times are not included, and the refund only covers non-delivery.

If the service provider reschedules delivery or collection of the bin, then the above is null and void.

If you have any issues regarding delivery, please contact us directly as soon as possible to avoid cancellation fees.

Partial refunds:

Customers are entitled to a partial refund when the order is cancelled directly by you, the customer, and no less than 2 business days (24 hours) prior to the delivery date. The cancellation fee is the equivalent of 10% of the charged amounts and will be payable to Auss Skip Bins.

Customers are also entitled to a partial refund in the event that an order is cancelled by you on the day of the arranged delivery date*, or the day before the delivery date. The cancellation fee incurred is 20% of the charged amount and is payable to Auss Skip Bins.

* cancellations carried out on the day of delivery also incur a call out charge, which will be payable directly to the service provider.


The associated booking fee is non-refundable in any circumstance.

Refunds Processing:

Refunds are only made back to the credit card on which the original purchase was made. Refunds will be made within three (3) business days from the date of cancellation.