Waste Type & Processing


Rubble can consist of a variety of waste types, including soil/clay, brick, concrete, and asphalt. All of these products are recyclable, but when they are mixed are classed as Rubble.

VENM – Virgin Excavated Natural Material

Materials such as soil, sand stone, bush rock and clay are natural products and are called VENM Virgin Excavated Natural Material at the Recycling centres. In order for these products to be classed as VENM they must be completely void of any other man made contaminates such as timber or concrete.

Steel & Metal

Steel and Metal can be classed in to two categories, Ferrous or Non Ferrous. Ferrous metals are products such as steel and stainless. Non Ferrous metals are products such as Aluminium and Cooper.


Vegetation is classed as green waste. When vegetation is put into landfill it is covered, this does not allow it to break down naturally. It causes the vegetation to release methane, a greenhouse gas which is 21 times more potent than Carbon dioxide.

Brick / Concrete / Tiles

Masonry products such as brick and concrete are separated at the recycling plants. They are crushed, graded and used in road base, driveways, drainage and road construction.