Skip Bins in Australia

Skin Bins make rubbish removal easier for Australians. These giant rubbish bins can contain from 2 to 30 cubic meters of rubbish. They are perfect for the rubbish generated from renovations, home or office clean-ups, or landscaping. With a skip bin, you can take care of all your wastes in one go.

If you have not hired a skip bin service, you probably have no idea how much it costs. Skip bins are available in a range of prices, depending on their size, use, and duration of hire. Cheaper skin bin solutions are available for simpler rubbish waste disposal. Skip bins specially designed for heavier wastes also come at different and higher prices.

Other Factors that Affect Skip Bin Rates

The daily hire rate for skip bins can also vary based on other factors. These factors include the type of skip bin, the hire period, and the distance to the customer site.

· Type of Waste Materials

Types of Waste Materials

The type of wastes that will be put in the bin will affect its price. The common types of rubbish that are put in skip bins are mixed waste, concrete, dirt, and green wastes. The more complicated, dangerous, and heavier the waste materials may mean a more expensive skip bin.

· Hiring Period

Hiring Period

Skip bin rentals are priced on a daily or weekly rate basis. You will need to pay more if you need the skip bin for a longer period. Be sure to ask your skip bin rental provider if they have packages and how much they charge for additional days.

· Distance to the Collection Site

Distance to the Collection Site

Your rented skip bin will be delivered to the site where you will need it. Fuel cost will add to the total price that you will need to pay. It can add a significant amount if the collection point is too far from the business office of your skip bin provider. That is why it is recommended to hire a skip bin that is around your area.

Is Hiring a Skip Bin Worth it?

You might think that delivering your rubbish to the tip yourself is the cheaper and practical option. However, there is the fuel cost, your time, and the fees at the tip that you need to consider.

Most rubbish removal, especially for more substantial renovation and clean-ups, will take you more than one trip. The total cost that you will incur may be the same compared to simply hiring a skip bin.