Garden Rubbish Removal

Not all garden waste is easily recyclable but the stuff that costs a lot less to get rid of. Recyclable ‘green waste’ consists of grass, weeds, leaves, and very small twigs. On the other hand branches, plastic bags, garden furniture, soil, bricks, and plant pots are mixed general waste. ‘Green waste’ generally costs at least half as much per tonne to dispose of compared to general mixed waste. That means it makes a lot of sense if you can separate your waste into two piles.

Waste removal companies charge on the basis of volume, in other words, according to how much space your waste takes up. The greater the volume, the greater the fee, so our advice is to try to reduce the space your waste takes up as much as possible by cutting up bulky items like branches and placing heavier items on top to push them down

Man and van clearance companies charge by the amount of waste removed and the time it takes to remove it. Help reduce their loading time by placing your garden waste as close as possible to where they are likely to park their van. Equally, even though plastic cannot be included in green waste, if you store the waste in garden bags or bin liners.

Assuming you have quite a lot of garden waste, it is sensible advice to order as large a skip as you can because larger skips cost less per cubic meter or cubic yard of waste than smaller ones.